Great weekend

This weekend is something I really need...

In the afternoon, Marlou and I were treated for a facial treatment in Bangsar by our friend. The dermatologist kept complementing about my skin and it was music to my ears, having suffered stressed skin the previous years. I think right vitamins, exercise, rest and eating habits helped a lot. Marlou's skin looked radiant after his treatment, so was mine.

We then went in a restaurant to join our friends for "buka puasa" (breaking of fast) even though the time wasn't enough. It's okay because there is "Gamelan" (traditional Malaysian music) so we just start at 9PM every night during this fasting month. I had "nasi briyani" with "tandoori chicken" and I was so full. Our friends sent us back to the hotel at 8PM, still got enough time to prepare for work.

Regular guests & familiar faces start going back to the lounge now. They said they haven't been to the lounge for as long as when we were in Shanghai. Deeply touching! It was a great night tonight (Saturday), with 70% of the guests were regulars.

After work, we went for supper at the Concorde Hotel with our friend Jeffrey. I had "mee mamak" and we ordered a dozen pairs of chicken wings & legs. Met up with my musician friends there and went back to the hotel at 3:30AM.

Sleepy now... still have to wake up early tomorrow for a lunch appointment with the Philippine Embassy people.

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