Flyin' & bloggin'

I'm writing this blog while on a Malaysia Airlines flight to KL. I've just finished watching Lindsay Lohan's movie "Herbie: Fully Loaded" which was okay. I intend to watch more but I have lots of things to do with PC given the fact that I was so occupied with a lot of last minute stuff during the past few days. And how can I forget about our unit's phoneline for outgoing calls being barred since my birthday, so I couldn't connect to the internet with it's fast speed connection at 9.6kbps. I took it as a blessing in disguise that our line got cut-off, made me do a lot of things aside from just the net.

I'm sitting by the window next to Marlou and he's currently wondering if he can "star" on my blog. Well, I should save a precious space for that someday because I have lots of things to say about him.

Can't wait to land in KL. First thing I need to find out is the wifi connection. I heard they have it in KLIA, so will make sure that I can blog this when I land KL - if the hotel service is not yet there. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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