Offertory over

My eyelids are so heavy that they are ready to shut. Just went back home. Attended the mass today at noon and did the offertory with Marlou. I had all some blasphemous thoughts which I'd sometimes share with Brice. I carried the Host for the communion while Marlou carried the wine. Good that they asked Marlou to carry the wine coz I did carry it, the glass would have been empty once I reach the altar! Hahaha!

After the mass, we went to Baoshan Lu where there is a flea market style of mostly eletronic stuff. I bought a pair of walkie-talkies for my brothers. I'm sure they'd be thrilled about it. I've been trying to find a new game cartridge for Selena's GameboySP, but I didn't find any today.

Now I'm really tired and my mind is ready to drift away...

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