Marlou's B-day Party

Marlou's birthday was August 12, but we celebrated his birthday a day after so that we can get the weekend party feeling. Saturday was a great choice because everyone was in their best party mood. The first guest was my Shanghainese sister Mumay, who resembles Filipina actress Gladys Reyes. She's been in the hotel since our 2nd set! So after our set, we went back home straight. While Marlou did his last minute cooking and preparation, Brice and I did our last minute arranging of the house and helping out Marlou. We also ate our supper ahead because we know that we will be very busy entertaining visitors later on.

D'Zone band (Alex, Nini & Marcial) arrived at almost 2AM. They brought drinks and additional food. Then Joanne & Noel of Culture Shock band arrived after 2AM. Since Marlou's still cooking the rice, we just opened the wine for the girls and the guys opened their beers and just toasted our glasses to wish Marlou on his birthday.

Party officially started at 2:30AM when guests came in groups. Bands usually finish at a later schedule on weekends. I got busy when I became the hostess, photographer and phone operator, for friends who kept on calling and asking for directions. I was bringing with me 3 phones: my mobile, Marlou's mobile and our cordless house phone! Mumay helped me out by talking to the drivers and giving them directions in Chinese, whenever somebody would phone me and ask directions.

A prayer before meal was led by Nini and soon after, everyone was holding his/her own paper plate with a glass/bottle/can of dirnk in their hands. Marlou cooked the sumptuous food, with the help of D'Zone. Of course, it's Filipino cuisine. Mumay brought the birthday cake while drinks were brought in by generous friends.

The crowd was divided into three: 1) The Loungers - most of them were the ones who got in first and got their own space in the living room. 2) The Party Animals - who crammed in the SRO kitchen. 3) The Freelancers - those who would go around finding somewhere to sit on when somebody has taken their previous seat.

The party went well. We made fun of Joanne who tried her best to say phrases in Visayan dialect. Nini and I had a bit of a showdown, to everyone's delight. Don't want to elaborate about it to be safe, but it involved me being the Undefeated Champion for Impersonating for 5 years. Wish they have given me a plaque on my name.

I also gave food to the guard on our building for allowing our friends to come in. The guard was so happy. Although I got a little worried of the noise we were making especially when everyone was laughing during the "impersonation" battle.

People started leaving in groups as well, just the way they arrived to the party. After the last group left at 6:30AM, Marlou and I got busy cleaning the house. Eventhough I was a bit drunk, I had to alert my senses and make sure that there wasn't any spot left. Marlou took charge in the kitchen by keeping the leftover food and washing the dishes while I wiped the tables, rearranged the chairs, swept the floor. We had to do the cleaning before we sleep because the owner might pop in anytime to check his unit.

We finished cleaning the house at 8:30AM and went to bed at 9AM. My sleep was so good and undisturbed and I wasted my whole daytime-off by sleeping. I woke up at 7PM!!!

Thanks to all of you who have remembered and made Marlou happy by simply sending your birthday greetings and wishes to him. Thanks to all of you who have attended and made the party memorable. Thanks to those people who have helped out in making the party possible.

View the pictures during the party at

Till next party again!!! God bless us all!<

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