Blue Sunday

Today, I've been so affected by my mood. I'm feeling down with no reason at all. Maybe it's the stress from work. Because performing is my outlet for my emotions and I've been emotionless for a few months at work, so maybe it's taking its toll.

It's a BATS night for us and during the first 2 sets, I was okay. But on the 3rd set when I felt the soles of my feet aching, my mood changed until we finished our gig at 1AM.

After work, we just went back to change. Marlou did his finishing touches to his macaroni salad for Marcial. Then we went to the D'Zone band house, it's Marcial's birthday. When we arrived there, the Pudong Paulaner band, Blue Heaven, was already there and couple of BATS live band, Culture Shock, and few other musicians from different groups.

Yes, it's a party. But due to my mood, I didn't drink any alcohol after eating. Not even a single drop! And I just sat in a corner, just listening to the jokes of JJ, former keyboardist of Blue Heaven band.

Went back home at 5AM and I think I will be taking my body to rest after this blog. Hope this week will be a good one for me and my health. Ciao!

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