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My 1st post for the month of June 2005!!! Hope this month is fruitful for everyone, especially for me!!! Wooohooooo!!!!

Just uploaded more recent pics on my 4 Shanghai 2005 photo galleries:
  • URB at the BATS: taken during BATS gig every Sunday
  • Fun Time in Shanghai: party pics, gatherings, Shanghai scenes, etc.
  • The Lobby Lounge Act: taken during working hours at the Pudong-Shangrila
  • Getting Homey w/ URB: taken when we're at home

I categorized the albums as such so that I won't be having difficulty in uploading pics. In this way, you will be more intrigued if there are updated pics on each album.

So please visit my website and my new photo page for updates. Please leave a comment in my pbase account or sign my website guestbook. Thanks!!! or

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