John Chacko hosts lunch for everyone

I have worked with John Chacko for 9 years now. He's been my "father" all these years while I was away from home. I have grown as a professional artiste in his care. I have learned so much from him. And I owe him a lot for being who I am and for having whatever that I have now. His family, especially his wife Ate Cherina, is very close to my family. In fact, Ate Cherina was the one who brought Selena to KL twice!

Earlier, he hosted a lunch for all his company staff from Malaysia and Philippines and all his musicians/bands who are currently playing in Shanghai. It's very different from the previous gatherings he has hosted in Shanghai when we were here before because this time, we were joined by all his staff.

It started at 1:30PM. It was eat-all-you-can so appetizers and side orders were served on our tables. And the funny thing was I got full because of the corncobs I ate. I love corncobs! When I finished mine, I took my boss' corncob. Wasn't satisfied, so I jumped from one table to another and grabbed other people's corncobs (when I say I grabbed corncobs, we're talking about the "edible" type, not the "green" type ok! LOL). When the main course arrived, I couldn't eat my Chicken BBQ anymore! I was soooo full because of the corncobs I whacked! Non-stop clicking of cameras and loud laughters... it was such a great gathering to be missed. Lots of smiling faces... because there were lots of cameras around! Photos here:

It ended at 4PM. And since it's also our pay day, Dang, Marl and I proceeded to Xujiahui to window shop (Brice took the subway train back home with Blue Heaven's Janet). I went for black-slacks hunting but I didn't find any that suits my taste. And besides, I'm really in a tight budget right now so I couldn't just spend on anything. I must spend wisely. Sooooo, the only thing that I bought is a 3 yuan mini coin purse!!! Hahaha!

We got back home at 6:20PM, jumped in the bed and took a nap for 4o minutes before preparing for work. Left home at 8PM, had a quick dinner with Brice before we started our work. It was a quiet night for a Friday. During our 3rd set, Janine, Darlene and Troy came to visit us. Photo taken:

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CherriePie said...

hi ate!! it's janine..i dunno how..but..i accidentally found ur blog online when i was lookin 4 papa's r ya..miss ya guys lots..hope ta c ya soon!!