I'm sorry if I didn't blog in for a couple of days. I ran out of things to say and I was busy being a lazy bum. Nahhhh! I was busy gathering the files in my computer so that I can back them up soon. I have a 30GB harddisk but only got 4.5GB free so I will have to back up my files on CD's. I left my DVD-writer and my 120GB harddisk in KL, so I will have to rely on burning CD's this time.

Last night, we played at the BATS. Very quiet crowd but we managed to enjoy ourselves onstage. After work, Blue Heaven Band's Moises came to our place to ask Marlou to repair the 2 laptops he brought. They finished at 6AM already. I was chatting all the while in YM. I downloaded the YM Beta version, it's nice.

I overslept today and woke up only at 5PM! Replied from mails, checked some of my sites, then now I'm going to prepare for work. Ciao!!!

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