Sunday afternoon

Woke up at 3PM. Made my coffee and prepared myself. I also prepared my laundry & drycleaning items to be sent. I guess that instead of Monday, we'll have to move our laundry day on Sundays because we always have to go to the hotel on Sundays for soundcheck at the BATS.

When we reached the hotel, Brice and I was directed to the new wing where they moved the staff laundry. She went to BATS and I went to the mall to buy foodstuff. I followed them to BATS for the soundcheck, they were almost done.

Now I'm back here at home, trying to print my lyrics for tonight. I left all my fast song lyics in KL. Been trying to be a hero for the past 3 Sundays, but sometimes I'd forget some of the lyrics of my song. Oh well, what's gonna happen tonight at the BATS?

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