checked out there, checked in here

We were awaken by a call at 1:30PM telling us that we
should be checking out at 4PM. The hotel is running full and
they need our room, so we checked out the hotel at 4PM. Luckily, we've already packed most of the stuff last night.

We moved in to the service apartment Pent-Ox, which is
more homey. They gave us 2 2-bedroom units, they might
have been confused, but we just used only 1 unit. The
rooms are spacious which leads to the balcony. There
are 2 toilet & bath's, 1 of which is in the master's
bedroom. We're in the master's bedroom, of course. There
is a spacious living room, dining table, a big fridge
and water dispenser. There's a spare room which can be
used as an office or music room. I think Marlou needs
that space for his instruments.

I love it and iIm happy about it.

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